ORGANISERS of a popular Hampshire festival have announced they will not be continuing the event – but hope that this is not the end.

Graze Festival, which took place for four years from 2014, is not expected to return this year. It was held annually on Hazeley Fields, Twyford, but took a year off in 2019 following torrential weather and a loss in sales at the previous event.

Now the minds behind Graze have decided to hang up their hats, and are now looking for other local people to take on the job.

One organiser, Roger Walker, told the Chronicle: "It was an awful lot of work and relied entirely on volunteers, so after a washout in 2018 things became difficult. All of us organisers have full time jobs, too.

"The Graze brand is still there for the taking, though, and we are definitely interested in hearing from interested parties."

The festival raised money for charity and saw more than 10,000 revellers across the years, with headliners including The Blockheads and The Beat.

Dan and Charlotte Nash even got married on the Kid's Stage in 2018.

When asked what his favourite memories of the festival were, Mr Walker added: "I have lots and lots, but the key thing was that Graze was a local event for local people. "You couldn't beat seeing thousands of people turning up through the gates. It's a real shame about the weather at the last one.

"Hopefully somebody will be interested in putting in more of the hard work, because people loved Graze."