RESIDENTS have vented their anger as a lorry struck a bridge in Romsey for the second time in less than a month.

The WH Barley lorry crashed into the railway bridge yesterday afternoon, which takes the tally up to 22 times in 15 years.

An Avery recovery vehicle rushed to the scene to begin the process of freeing the vehicle, which was recovered within two hours.

One resident who lives near Greatbridge Road, Wendy Taylor, said: "It is getting ridiculous, there needs to be more signs.

"What can you do? Businesses still need their trade and it is the main way to the industrial estate."

Wendy's friend, Karen Clark, agreed with her and explained that the incident always happens during school pick up time.

Lorries strike the bridge almost once a year, if not more, despite measures to try and divert large vehicles to avoid the 4.3m height restriction.

Three flashing signs warning drivers to turn back are on Duttons Road, Greatbridge Road and Fishlake Meadows.

Romsey Town Centre manager, Mark Edgerley, said: "Words fail me, not withstanding the advance signage this bridge clearly is not suitable for large vehicles.

"It is time for haulage companies routing through Romsey to educate their drivers and to accept some responsibility for the economic damage and inconvenience these incidents cause businesses, residents and visitors alike.

"I hope the Police consider what charges can be applied to both the driver and the company involved - perhaps then the message will reach others in the transport sector that high vehicles must follow the signed route around Romsey."

Councillor Mark Cooper, who represents Tadburn on the borough council said: "It is sufficient evidence that calls for a better warning system is required.

"There should be two posts with a chain linking them, at the same height of the bridge which makes a loud noise.

"Bridge strikes won't stop unless significant action is done."

Cllr Cooper has urged Hampshire County Council to come up with an appropriate solution.

A police spokesperson said: "We were called at 1.34pm to reports of a lorry hitting a barrier at the bridge on Greatbridge Road.

"No injuries have been reported and the vehicle has now been recovered."