THE battle to elect Winchester and Chandler’s Ford’s next MP is expected to be nail-bitingly close, according a new poll.

The final YouGov’s MRP poll before the General Election tomorrow (Thursday) describes the constituency as a “toss-up”, showing that its neck and neck between Liberal Democrat Paula Ferguson and her Conservative rival Steve Brine.

Ms Ferguson said: “This final survey result shows that this election is on a knife edge with only hours to go before polls close. It’s clear people here want to Stop Brexit and they want to stop the Conservatives, under the leadership of Boris Johnson, doing untold damage to our country over the next five years. But I recognise the vote could go either way and that’s why every vote is going to count.”

Incumbent MP Steve Brine said: “This election is about the kind of MP we have for the next five years and I’m standing again here on my record as a sensible, one-nation Conservative in the centre-ground of British politics. On Friday our country will either have a majority Conservative Government or one led by Jeremy Corbyn with more deadlock and delay on top of all the consequences that would have for an area such as this. We shouldn’t think this can’t happen, it’s closer than you think so Winchester is absolutely at the front-line of this election.”