CIVIC chiefs have clarified whether Sellotape can be attached to a postal vote.

Mike Craze took in his vote to the city council offices in Colebrook Street and was told there was an issue with the envelope and it might not be counted unless he signed the back. The Sellotape sticking down the flap might be construed as tampering, he was told.

He contacted the Chronicle to query how many other postal votes may have been discounted. The council have said the vote was acceptable.

In a statement Laura Taylor, acting returning officer, said: "A member of the public delivered their postal vote to reception and the envelope had been stuck down with sticky tape. They were asked to sign the back of the envelope to indicate the envelope had not been tampered with by another person. Maintaining the secrecy of the ballot is very important and despite various security checks being in place through out the postal vote process, our team were trying to be helpful. I apologise if this has caused any confusion.”