AN ELDERLY couple who were forced to live in their car after being evicted for anti-social behaviour now have somewhere to stay.

Paul, 73, and Sheila Heanes, 76, were forced to leave their Meonstoke home of eight years after being taken to court by Winchester City Council. Other residents at Pound Cottages said they had been “up to no good for years”.

After reading the story in Monday’s Daily Echo, Mr Heanes called up and, before slamming the phone down, said: “We now have somewhere to stay so this is no longer any of your business.” He did not give any further details.

The couple had taken their belongings, including Angus the German Shephard and their pet cockatiel, and moved into their M-reg Mitsubishi Pajero.

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At the time Mr Heanes said: “The council did offer us a flat but said we couldn’t take our German Shepherd, Angus. We’re not just getting rid of our dog!”

One of their former neighbours in Pound Cottages who wishes to remain anonymous, said on Monday: “We’ve had people blaming us for their eviction, but the commotion they caused was unbelievable. They would always say everybody else was lying.

“It was horrendous. I used to think this was the most beautiful place to live, and that was ruined.

“I still check to make sure she’s not watching every move I make, because that’s what she used to be like. They both made our lives miserable.”