A TWYFORD parent is calling for a pedestrian crossing to be installed on a busy main road that “isolates” her from the village community.

Hannah Greenberg, of Manor Green, has three children aged three to 10 and says the B3335 is dangerous and keeps her from using local amenities.

Now, with the help of Winchester city councillor Tony Bronk, she is calling on the county council Highways department to act.

She said: “There are lots of families on the south side of Twyford affected by this. Just up the road, the speed limit drops from national to 30mph, but we all know people don’t instantly slow down.

“The county council base their funding on fatalities, and because this road hasn’t met their requirements, they wont invest in a crossing. My kid is going to Westgate School soon, and I refuse to let him be a sacrifice.

“The traffic and thoroughfare of lorries will only get heavier when works starts on the M3, so something needs to be done.”

Cllr Tony Bronk, who also lives in the south of the village, said he has been fighting to get a crossing for years.

He said: “I felt powerless before I was councillor when I campaigned and nothing happened. Now I feel that people responsible listen more.

“The people of south Twyford shouldn’t be forgotten, and we will get this sorted once and for all.

“At very least we want to see a reduction in the speed limit, or get people slowing down earlier, not just as they enter the village.”

Worthy Road residents and parents Priors Dean Lane in Harestock are conducting similar campaigns.

The Chronicle has contacted Hampshire County Council and awaits a response.