ROPLEY Brownies and their leaders joined the other 400 participants who have taken up the offer to become a unique part of Ropley History by signing a tile for the new Church roof at their recent meeting.

This has been a hugely successful venture for St Peter’s Church, not only by raising much needed funds for the rebuild but also in bringing together those who live in the village and local area but also those who have links, however tenuous, with Ropley and the Church.

There have been stories of baptisms, weddings, funerals, past vicars, church and village activities throughout the years, houses that no longer exist, families that are able to trace their history with the village through many generations, meaning that what started as a way of encouraging people to be part of the history of Ropley by having their name as part of the rebuilt St Peter’s has in fact become a very important and detailed link to the past history of the village and community.

Although time is now running out before the tiles are actually incorporated into the roof there are still tiles available for those who would like to be part of this amazing project. This could be the perfect Christmas gift.

Anyone who is interested should contact either of the churchwardens, Norma Day or Sarah Earthy