STANDING on the pavement of Garbett Road, you can't see much of Winnall Primary School – but what lies behind the double doors is home to a tight-knit family of staff and pupils.

It's the Winchester school that brings in children from all kinds of backgrounds, providing them with a wide range of opportunities throughout Key Stage One and Two.

Headteacher Alison Rhodes, who has spent almost three years in the post, says that staff "share a core belief that every child is able to succeed and has potential to achieve great things".

She added: "It really is a great school, and it doesn't take long to warm to the fantastic family feel."

Rather than giving each subject a set name, the curriculum is taught by asking a 'Big Question', which allows children to explore topics in a way that interests and inspires them.

They are also taught by a professional sports coach, learn French from Year One, and have regular chances to perform – from in-house festive shows to opening a stage at Boomtown festival.

Attendance is a huge focus at the school, with weekly awards given to classes who show good attendance, as well as to the most improved.

During 'Attendance Weeks', HERO (Here, Everyday, Ready to learn, On time) the monkey is on the school gate each morning, something children really enjoy.

The most recent Ofsted report in May rated the school as 'Good', and said: "Your vision is for everyone – pupils and staff – to be the very best versions of themselves."