A KINGS Worthy woman who got her confidence back after struggling with multiple sclerosis (MS) has backed a new campaign to help others.

Sue Collis was diagnosed with MS in 1989 after she became incredibly fatigued and looked ‘like a ghost’, walking very slowly around the house. Basic things like tying shoelaces, writing or using her right hand became impossible.

After living for over two decades with extreme tiredness and fears of falling she discovered Overcoming MS (OMS).

A lifestyle programme that includes a plant-based diet, regular exercise, Vitamin D and stress reduction techniques, and now as an OMS ambassador and living a ‘normal’ life she is featured in a new campaign.

Launched at the House of Commons, Imagine Overcoming MS, focuses on seven people recovering from their symptoms.

Sue said: "I know I’m still improving, every day. It’s not all perfect: debilitating fatigue followed a 'normal' infection last summer but now I feel so well again. In common with those I know who follow OMS, my general health is excellent.”

"The relentless fear finally left me last year. I no longer feel restless, chaotic and helpless, but capable and optimistic.”

The hope for the campaign is to allow others that there is other methods improve their health outcomes.

Linda Bloom, chair of Overcoming MS said, “We want every person, newly diagnosed with MS, to be aware of the OMS programme. We aim to give them some realistic hope when they may have none and we want to fuel them with knowledge about how they can give themselves the best chance to get better or even recover from MS, like myself.”