LABOUR in Winchester have chosen a disabled business owner as their candidate for December 12.

George Baker believes his unique experience gives him an edge in turning Winchester red for the first time in 74 years.

If elected he will be the first Labour MP for Winchester since George Jeger in 1945, when the constituency was linked with Eastleigh.

Mr Baker has always lived in Chandler’s Ford and went to university in Winchester. He founded an award-winning media agency which provides training and support to make marketing accessible to all.

He says that as a disabled person he is on the front line of austerity and has seen the effects of the removal of vital public services and benefits from the most vulnerable in society.

Mr Baker said: "The biggest challenge facing society right now is undeniably climate change and whilst the scale of the task is enormous, I believe it is an opportunity to design a future we can be proud of and excited to leave to our children."

Asked about how his life experiences have informed his politics, he said: “I was born with Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, a condition which gives me a unique perspective on politics. My ten-strong staff of carers, medical equipment and technology such as my wheelchair that allow me to live an independent and productive life might seem weird to others but to me, they are just a reflection of the type of society we should live in – one where we all work together to help and support each other while we build a better world for everybody.”

If elected George will have three priorities for Winchester’s future:

• Bringing green technology and jobs to our community so we become a centre of excellence for the Green Industrial Revolution.

• Designing and implementing an ambitious plan to create the greenest and most accessible public transport system in the country.

• Rebuilding our health, social care and education systems from the disastrous effects of austerity.