METAL detectorists searching the fields of Hampshire have had golden luck – with two items recently being declared as treasure.

An inquest heard how one lucky searcher found a piece of twisted golden torc from the Bronze Age in Swanmore.

Andrew Aitken, of Alton, had been searching across farmland with a group when he made the discovery on April 7.

Mr Aitken told Winchester Coroner's Court that he "didn't know the historical significance in that area relating to the age".

The fragment is said to be around 41.6mm in length, and it weighs just over 18 grams.

The Hampshire Cultural Trust are thought to be interested in acquiring it following valuation at the British Museum in London.

Another inquest heard how a brooch from the 14th Century was discovered in farmland at Hursley.

The golden ring-shaped item was retrieved by Waltham Chase detectorist Geoff Slingsby back in August 2018, who described the 35mm-long brooch as a "cracking bit of kit".

He said: "I've been detecting in that area for several years. I found the brooch on ploughed land. It's a cracking bit of kit, and it should be in a museum. It's the people's object."

The words written on the brooch have been translated by a member of staff at the British Museum. They are thought to say something similar to: "May love God protect me".

The brooch will now go for valuation at the British Museum.