CAMPAIGNERS dropped by to cause a stink in Winchester High Street today (November 1) with an unusual protest.

Animal Aid was trying to put forward an alternative theory for why the city's carbon footprint is so high.

The activists brought along Wendy the windy cow'.

The bovine costume, worn by one of the campaigners, came with imitation udders and a hidden surprise.

Underneath its fluffy exterior, the costume had a sound machine to emphasise the issue of cattle flatulence.

During the protest, Wendy took High Street shoppers by surprise with a rasping range of audible offerings from her nether regions.

The campaigners were hoping to persuade residents to give up burgers and embrace a vegetarian or vegan diet.

They handed out leaflets to encourage people to vary their eating habits for a trial period.

Animal Aid campaigns officer, Kelly Slade, added: "Livestock farming is a massive contributor to climate change and yet there is a world of delicious foods out there that don't cost the earth.

"We also heard that Winchester was the city with the worst carbon footprint so we thought we'd bring our message to the streets."

The city is the first stop on a national tour for the campaigners and Wendy.

The flatulent bovine is also due to perform' at Norwich, Birmingham, Sheffield, York, Manchester and Liverpool.

While some point the finger at car owners, the group believes that the district's farms are also to blame for the city's high carbon footprint.

It argues that the amount of methane produced by livestock makes up a major slice of greenhouse gases.

The group visited Winchester after the city was named as Britain's worst polluter per head of population.