A WINCHESTER woman has made what she hopes will be the world's largest marshmallow.

Belinda Clark, who runs a confectionary business based in the city, crafted the sweet treat in the shape of Pudsey Bear's. The money raised from selling it will go to Children in Need.

It took a whole day to make the 93.1kg marshmallow at Berkhamsted School in Buckinghamshire and a further few hours the next day to piece it together.

Ms Clark said: "I had the idea to make a giant marshmallow a while ago, and my friends son, Josh, suggested we produce it in the shape of Pudsey’s head as a fundraiser.

"Josh goes to Berkhamsted school, and the executive chef of the school and I took all of Monday to make it and then yesterday we put Pudsey together.

"It was exciting and not a little stressful to do, as we weren’t sure how we were going to turn the giant head out of the mould but we did it.

"We then covered the head and ears in yellow tinted coconut to look like fur, before decorating with facial features and a spotty scarf."

Berkhamsted School will now submit the challenge to the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s largest marshmallow.

A website to either donate or bid to win the mallow can be found at: www.worldslargestmarshmallow.com.