A CHURCH-goer who sent Bible quotations and told his ex-fiancée ‘there couldn’t be another for her without sin’ has been ordered to carry out unpaid work.

Jan Maudsley, 58, was unable to accept that his relationship with former partner, who had been with since 2017, had come to an end after they met in church.

Maudsley, of Painters Field, Winchester, sent her emails and messages relaying Biblical passages and claiming his undying love before turning up to her house on four occasions between March 17 and April 15, this year.

His victim caught him once crouching behind her parked car claiming he had come round to collect his stuff, he also turned up when she away and was spotted driving by her house.

He was caught when a neighbour took a photo of his number plate and he was arrested.

During his police interview Maudsley said that he thought his ex-fiancée was ill and suffering with schizophrenia.

He appeared at Winchester Crown Court having pleaded guilty to stalking on an earlier occasion.

The court heard that the couple’s relationship had broke down after there were “difficulties” and his ex-fiancée had confusing feelings with Maudsley saying “they were already married in the eyes of God”, but this was not reinforced by the pastor of their church who said they were “free to leave each other” as they were not married.

Russell Pyne, prosecuting, said: “[She messaged the defendant] our relationship is over. I am not marrying you. I don’t want any type of relationship or friendship. I never want to hear or see you again. Don’t contact me in anyway. It was at the advice of the police that the text messages were sent.”

In the weeks following Maudsley sent his victim quotations from the Bible including the Song of Solomon, along with a list of the 10 commandments.

In a victim impact statement, she said: “Since this has happened, I couldn’t sleep at my home address for the month due to being terrified.

“I’ve struggled to go out in case I see him. I’m finding it difficult to trust people.”

She added: “Jan has told me I can’t marry anyone else, I am his.”

Peter Briegel, defending, said his client accepts and apologies for what he has done but blames alcohol in part as he was drinking when sending some of the messages.

“He has to learn about the despair at the end of a relationship is the stuff of life and people have to learn to cope with them.”

Judge Keith Cutler said: “He can’t say ‘I am holier than thou or better than thou’ as he has been before the courts before. All this he actively should remember before he tells people how to live their lives.”

Maudsley was given 100 hours unpaid work and up to 20 rehabilitation days, and a restraining order was imposed without limit.