A biennial arts event which brought together hundreds of local artists to work together and exhibit in venues across Winchester, is marking its 10th anniversary with a month-long online project.

Ten Days began with an event in the Wintex Laundry on Gordon Road in Hyde in October 2009. It continued throughout the city with 10 days Across The City 2011, 10 days Creative Collisions in 2013, 10 days Chalk in 2015 and 10 days nights 2017.

Organised by arts professionals and dedicated to making contemporary arts accessible and engaging the widest possible audience, 10 days brought together all sections of the community through ambitious contemporary exhibitions and participatory events within these four major city-wide projects.

Projects attracted national and regional funding and engaged with over 15,000 people including Winchester schools.

Founder Trish Bould said: “10 days has been an established point of reference in the creative and cultural life of Winchester and it gained huge public recognition for a decade. The projects made an enduring contribution to the city and its many communities – the artistic community, business community, faith community, schools and residents. To collectively celebrate and commemorate the project, we are inviting artists, participants and visitors of 10 days to post what they did then and what they are doing now between 10 October and 10 November. In this way we can share our work, memories, connections and creativity with the 10 days community and beyond.”

The participatory online event and gallery is supported by Winchester School of Art Graphic Art student Alex Hughes and 10 days and can be found on Instagram and Facebook at 10daysWinchester and using the hashtag #10daysyears.

Ms Bould added: “We hope by throwing things in the air through celebration and commemoration it will incite others to take on the baton and again bring attention to the vast numbers of very talented creative practitioners residing in Winchester who need support.”

Celebrations online will lead into an exhibition, ‘The Yard at Ten’, at the Nutshell from November 3-12 with an opening from 2.30- 5.30pm on November 9.

The Yard is celebrating its own 10th anniversary with an exhibition of work by current Yard artists and tells a story through a photographic account of 10 days in the Laundry and the very successful ‘Yard and Metre’ collaboration between artists and poets which took place at Winchester College 2013.

Contributions made online through social media will form part of a film and will influence the development of events at The Great Hall which will take place in 2020.