DOZENS of people objected to a proposal for a new house in a Winchester suburb, saying it would be overbearing.

Councillor on the planning committee have agreed and rejected the scheme designed by prominent local architect Huw Thomas..

Phil and Aggy Russell wanted permission to knock down a detached dwelling and build a new home in Hampton Lane, Teg Down.

The plan attracted 34 objections citing reasons including the scale, damage to trees, overlooking, loss of privacy, harm to the rural character of the lane, A proposed garden workshop will disturb neighbours.

There was one letter of support.

Planning officer Catherine Watson recommended approval to the planning committee.

The committee heard that Mr Russell had fallen out with neighbours by cutting down the trees at the bottom of his garden close to where he plans to erect a workshop. The scheme includes an expensive re-planting scheme with mature trees of 5-6m

But objector Hannah Henderson, of Teg Down Meads, said: “The current structure is in need of renovation and replacement. We support a new home as long a it is done in a sympathetic manner. Despite changes we feel the project remains fundamentally flawed. It will be over-bearing, it will be over-shadowing anyone living next door.”

She said the plan would blight neighbouring properties.

Local ward councillor Anne Weir urged the committee to reject the scheme. “There is dismay at the proposal and the lack of engagement by the applicants and the agents.”

Councillors staged a site visit and stood in neighbour Roy Brizland's back garden to gauge for themselves the impact.

Architect Huw Thomas said of the objections: “There has been so much misleading information. We spent a lot of time and money hiding the whole thing. Nobody is going to be able to see it form Teg Down. It’s despairing really.”

Cllr David McLean said: "It is a stunning design but in the wrong place."

Cllr Jane Rutter said: "I find the design is significantly overbearing and will over-shadow the next door neighbour."

Committee chairman Therese Evans said: "It is a really nice design as Mr Thomas's always are. But this is the wrong plot. It is very cramped."

The committee voted by six to none to refuse the scheme with two abstentions.