CIVIC chiefs says work is continuing on finding 'meanwhile' uses for parts of the 'Saxon Gate' area in Winchester city centre.

They are looking at ways to make better use of the unused spaces in the area formerly known as Silver Hill including parts of the bus station.

Tory councillors raised the issue at full Council.

Cllr Caroline Brook asked: “Before May, we were working cross party, on meanwhile uses for the Saxon Gate area and in particular, the area at the back of the bus station. Please confirm what proposals are being considered for meanwhile uses in the Saxon Gate area which can bring new life to the area and income to WCC in the short term?”

Cllr Anne Weir, cabinet member for the local economy, replied: “Work continues in this area. The feasibility study, commissioned in Spring to explore options for the vacant area in the bus station, was completed and the final report is being considered as part of the work consultants JLL are currently doing on Central Winchester Regeneration.

"This comprises a review of the Central Winchester Regeneration roadmap with advice on how to proceed across the site to provide the comprehensive regeneration outlined in the SPD (supplementary planning document. We are expecting the outcome of this review in October and will then look at the next steps.”