A shoplifter who stole more than £800 worth of goods from Waitrose stores across Hampshire, including Winchester. is due to be sentenced on December 12 at Southampton Magistrates Court.

Lesley Moir, 36, of Longfleet Road, Poole, Dorset, pleaded guilty to stealing meat and alcohol at Waitrose in Alma Road, Romsey, on September 17. She was seen taking eight fillet steaks totalling £124.56.

Earlier the same day, she was spotted in Waitrose in Chandler's Ford. A plain clothes detective watched her put 41 meat items worth £548.06 into two bags for life in her trolley, without making an attempt to pay.

On September 15, Moir was seen taking four bottles of spirits worth £159.50 from Waitrose in Stockbridge Road, Weeke, Winchester.

She further denied the theft of a woman's handbag at Waitrose in the same store in Winchester on September 15.

The court will hear Moir had a list of goods she was stealing to order.