A BRIGHT pink tractor will lead the way for green farmers to join the Extinction Rebellion in London.

The painted tractor will this weekend head the farmer convoy across Hampshire on its way to the 'rebellion', starting on Monday.

XR Farmers has been set up to join the call for government action in the face of the climate emergency.

They want to promote the green solutions that farming and land management can provide in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and boosting biodiversity.

Many farmers are already moving towards regenerative nature-friendly farming systems, working to enhance and create wildlife habitat and build resilience, but so much more needs to be done.

Dagan James, buffalo farmer from Broughton, near Stockbridge, said: “The changes that are needed have to come from government, and we are taking radical and peaceful action to demand that the government acts.

The science is clear, we are running out of time”.

Farmers and growers from across the country will be joining the convoy to spread a positive farming message. They will be starting from Broughton on Friday, and making their way, via Odiham, Sandhurst and Ascot, to arrive in Westminster on Monday.

“We are much more at home in the woods and fields than on the streets of London, but such is the gravity of the crisis that confronts us we have no choice but to leave the farm and take to the streets to get our message heard”, said Dagan.