A CAMPAIGN to make a Winchester road "safer and more accessible" has been launched – and the petition has nearly 300 signatures.

Residents say concerns about the junctions along Oliver's Battery Road have been around for "years, if not decades", and that "something needs to be done".

They are hoping to work with the county council to achieve better road safety, and also improve the main underpass which does not have a slope for disabled and pushchair users.

Green Party member Max Priesemann, who is spearheading the campaign, said: "Winchester City Council and Hampshire County Council have declared climate emergencies and agreed with the Winchester Movement Strategy to shift the balance from car dominated traffic to active forms of movement including cycling, walking and public transport. This has been welcomed by the public, but action is lacking far behind the promises made.

"Why not start with redesigning Badger Farm Road, one of the main entry points to Winchester? Local residents have been complaining about Oliver’s Battery’s dreadful junction for many years, but except some minor cosmetic changes, nothing substantial has happened.

"Years ago there was a consultation but agreed plans to change the junction were scrapped."

The campaigners are asking for traffic lights to be installed, a direct cycle lane to link the two sections of Oliver's Battery Road, further cycle lanes along Badger Farm Road and a bus lane towards Pitt roundabout.

They also hope for "the closure of the discriminating underpass".

Max added: "The recent changes to the junction that were agreed by the county council are missing the point.

"Yes, we have gained a couple of inches for pedestrians after a wall has slightly been moved, and perhaps it is a little easier for cars to cross without the former island but the problems due to its discriminating underpass have not been changed."

The petition can be found online at: www.you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/make-badger-farm-road-crossing-save.

Councillor Rob Humby, executive member for economy, transport and environment at Hampshire County Council, said the safety needs to be improved.

"Our safety team has investigated previous accidents here and evidence shows that engineering measures will improve safety," he said. "I am pleased to say that these measures are currently being developed for implementation during this financial year, and we will confirm further details as soon as we can."

He also said the council 'note the concerns about the underpass' and that 'investigations will be made'.

City councillor for Badger Farm and Oliver's Battery ward, Brian Laming, said he has been working to make the road safer for many years.

He said: "It's the only road into Oliver's Battery. It's very difficult for vehicles along there, and there have been a number of accidents over the years.

"It will only get worse when the work to improve Junction 9 starts. I set up a meeting with county councillor Rob Humby, and we spoke about the issue.

"A solution is still in the works, but we are trying."