AN ENDANGERED Grevy’s Zebra foal has been born at Marwell Zoo.

Born on September 26 to mother Nafeesa, the foals gender and name has yet to be confirmed as the mother and foal are spending time socialising with each other, and the rest of the female zebras in the group.

Marwell's Conservational Biologist Tanya Langenhorst said: "It’s so lovely to see the foal taking its very first foray out into the field and running around with Mum and the other females."

“Often people don’t realise how rare this particular species of Zebra is.

"There are fewer Grevy’s Zebra left in the wild than Black Rhino, so we are incredibly lucky to see them here at Marwell.”

The Grevy’s Zebra is the most endangered of all three species, with fewer than 3,000 individuals left in the wild.

They are found in small and isolated areas in Northern Kenya and Ethiopia.

Marwell Zoo is the only zoo in the UK to have all three species of Zebra; Plains Zebra, Mountain Zebra and Grevy’s Zebra. Grevy’s are easily identifiable by their large round 'Mickey Mouse' style ears and thin, narrow stripes.

Marwell Wildlife is buying 500 bales of hay and transferring them on lorries from Nairobi, across rough terrain to the remote areas in Northern Kenya that desperately need it as part of a conservation effort for the endangered animals.

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