CIVIC chiefs have been slammed for their new waste collection scheme after leaving thousands of residents in the dark about updated service times.

Winchester City Council's updated timetable for all 54,000 homes across the district, which includes kerbside glass collection, came into play on September 30.

But a large number of locals were left completely unaware as the letters and calenders to explain the new arrangements were not delivered "due to distribution issues."

Former city council leader, Cllr Caroline Horrill, said: "We know that this type of change needs meticulous attention to detail. Implementation of the new contract has been the responsibility of the new Lib Dem administration, and in particular Councillor Lynda Murphy.

"Residents do not know which bin to put out on which days. It should be so straightforward to inform us all. What a mess.

"Is Councillor Murphy perhaps spending too much time trying to get elected as an MP in Eastleigh to have time for something as mundane as letting people know when their bins are due to be collected?"

The timetables were uploaded to the city council's website on September 27, which was described by the councillor for Central Meon Valley, Vicki Weston, as a "a shambles".

She said: "Cllr Lucille Thompson Leader of the Council declared at Full council on the September 25 that they are ‘the transparent administration'.

"Yet less than 48 hours after this statement it had become transparent that they have failed to let residents know that the bin collection timetable has changed. What a shambles."

A number of residents have also expressed their frustration with the short notice given.

John Quane, 79, of Waltham Chase, said: "To be honest our normal bin collections run very well usually. It is not the binmen’s fault.

"My issue is with the council just changing it at such short notice. It is even later than last minute and I think it is ridiculous and diabolical.

"I would have thought somebody would have pointed out they left this quite late. What are we paying for?"

The city council have looked into the situation, and hope that all residents will have a new calendar 'by the end of the week.

A spokesperson said: "We know this has caused some confusion and frustration for some residents. We are very sorry for this as we know how important it is that we collect bins on time.

"The new calendars are on their way, and should arrive by the end of the week, but we would urge people to check their new collection day and download their collection calendar online by visiting

"Please pass this information on to your neighbours if you think they might not know otherwise."

Missed collections will be rearranged.