ANTI-poverty campaigners are holding a public meeting in Winchester.

Organised by the Hampshire Equality Group, it will focus on ways to end child poverty.

Andrew Mason, a member of Hampshire Equality Group, said: “Encouraged by our very successful event ‘Inequality Matters’ as Southampton Solent University last year, we’ve decided with this year’s event to support the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. The theme this year is 'Acting together to empower children, their families and communities to end poverty'.

The event is called ‘How to end Child Poverty in the UK?’ with two well-known authors and speakers.

Roger Brown, former vice chancellor of Southampton Solent University, will talk about his recent book: The Inequality Crisis - The facts and what we can do about it.

Stewart Lansley, joint author with Joanna Mack of Breadline Britain, will talk about the institutionalisation of poverty in the UK and how it can be tackled, including the case for a basic income and the socialisation of wealth.

The event will take place on Thursday October 17 at 7.15pm in the Mitchell Room, Hampshire County Council Offices, Elizabeth II Court, Sussex Street.

Attendance is free and tickets are available from Eventbrite at

Hampshire Equality Group (HEG) is a local campaign committed to promoting wider awareness of the impacts of economic inequality. We are open to anyone who supports our aims throughout Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth. Hampshire Equality Group