RARE Victorian frosted glass windows have been preserved following publicity in the Hampshire Chronicle.

The Green Man pub on Southgate Street applied to 'replace five existing ground floor fixed pane windows with sashes on a like for like basis.’

Preservation watchdogs the City of Winchester Trust was relaxed about the threat saying it was neutral on the plan.

The plan was later amended to retain the late Victorian or Edwardian acid-etched frosted glass, although the glass will have to be cut to make the fixed window into two-pane sash.

The city council planning officers have given approval under their delegated powers.

Initially the plans would "preclude the possibility of reinstating the etched glass panes, which contribute to the character of the building.

"Following discussions with the applicants, amended plans have been received which show a single horizontal sub-division of the window and it has been agreed that the original etched glass is to be reinstated in the new frames.

"In the event of accidental breakage during the transfer, new windows will be etched to match the existing. With such measures in place it is not considered that the proposed alterations to the windows will have an adverse impact on the character of the building."