A MAN took a fatal drug overdose after telling his GP he had been living for too long, an inquest heard.

Alan John Gillett was found dead at his home in Boscobel Road, Winchester, on May 26.

An inquest at Winchester Coroner's Court heard Mr Gillett had a long-term history of mental health and psychological struggles.

His sister Edwina Gillett told the hearing he had attempted to take his life in the 1980s or 1990s.

Ms Gillett said her brother had said he would not take his life before both his parents had passed away as he did not want to put them through the pain of losing their son.

Their mother and father both died in the 18 months prior to Mr Gillett taking his own life.

She added that her brother had sought all forms of help available, including therapeutic techniques, but he felt like he could not carry on fighting any longer.

Ms Gillet said: "The absolute sadness is that he had so much potential and he could not realise that.

"The world does not allow someone like him to fit in. It says it does but it doesn't."

Mr Gillett's siblings attended his home on May 26 after they had not heard from him for a few days, the inquest heard.

They were unable to enter the property so phoned police due to their concerns.

PS Adrian Beaumont, who attended the scene, told the inquest Mr Gillett was found in his bed and he believed he had been there for several days.

Officers found 18 pages of notes left by the 55-year-old, which expressed the decision he had made and the struggles he faced.

Blister packs with medication was found, some of which was made out to Mr Gillett.

Pathologist Dr Balvinder Shoker said a post mortem found the cause of death was toxicity from multiple drugs, namely, nordiazepam, diazepam and morphine, along with alcohol he had consumed.

A statement from his GP, Dr Jonathon Church, said Mr Gillet had been diagnosed with Aspergers, autism and depression and he had told him shortly before his death that "he felt like he had been alive for too long" and "he could not continue".

"He was aware there was nothing else that could be done for him medically," said the report.

Recording a verdict of suicide, acting area coroner Samantha Marsh said: "It is very clear Alan was a very troubled man and suffering greatly. It goes to show how fragile the human mind is."