THE operator of Marwell Zoo has launched a fundraising appeal to help save endangered zebras currently being under threat from drought.

Conservation charity Marwell Wildlife has been working to support the Grevy’s zebra in Kenya for more 20 years, and this year, Kenya is once again experiencing a drought.

Marwell’s conservation biologist Tanya Langenhorst said: “Lactating females and foals are particularly at risk and affected by the prolonged drought as the mothers need to drink daily to provide milk, but the foals are not strong enough for the extra-long walks and can die of either starvation or from the strenuous trips.

“With this in mind, we could lose a whole year of breeding.”

Working with the Grevy’s Zebra Trust, Marwell Wildlife is buying 500 bales of hay and transferring them on lorries across rough terrain to the remote areas that desperately need it.

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