A FAMILY of hedgehogs have been saved from an uncertain future by residents of a Winchester street.

Those living in Western Road teamed up to ensure the safety of five hoglets, which had been roaming in gardens that were “potentially dangerous”.

The campaign started when Carol Wilson spotted one of the babies outside her property in broad daylight. She moved it from the path into the undergrowth, where it disappeared from sight.

Later that night, her son Edward saw three more foraging in a neighbour’s garden.

Following the sightings, the Wilson family decided to start a “neighbourhood hedgehog watch”, in which five hoglets were discovered in total.

They have since been moved to the Hughes’ house, which is considered “much safer” for them.

Carol Wilson said: “Like every street, Western Road has two sides! The problem is, one is perfect for these prickly creatures, but the other is less than ideal.

“The local community got together to discuss the best location and plan the move.

“The ideal would be a nearby garden that was contained while allowing free movement between surrounding gardens, with natural habitation offering shelter and plenty to eat.

“These baby hedgehogs were too young to be separated and fend for themselves, they were not yet ready to live alone, still needing each other’s warmth, food and water.

She added: “They now live all together in a safe hedgehog haven across the road - Millie and Georgie Hughes, aged 9, had the perfect garden and were happy to take all five!

“The hoglets were introduced to their home-made feeding station and settled into their new home.”

Residents have since had regular sightings, reports and stories of the hoglets’ well-being, and Carol said they have “brought such joy to the entire neighbourhood”.

They are now urging other Winchester residents to look after local hedgehog families.

Their advice includes consulting the British Hedgehog Preservation Society and local hedgehog rescuers, and to leave water in shallow containers around gardens, especially in warm weather.