MEMBERS of a climate change protest group will take to the city centre later this month to rally against a major M3 project.

Extinction Rebellion Winchester is planning a 'direct action campaign' to stop the £100 million plans for Junction 9, Winnall.

The junction, where the M3 interchanges with the A34, will be redesigned to create free-flow lanes which will allow drivers to travel freely between the two roads without using the roundabout.

Local coordinators James Miller and Katherine Howlett-Davies said "Building new roads just increases traffic, carbon emissions and will ultimately make Winchester’s poor air quality even worse.

"Our councillors and Government need to step up and honour their commitment to tackle the climate emergency. Objecting to this proposal is a first and important step."

The protest, being dubbed 'Die in Before the Deadline, will be held from 2pm on August 17.

It will highlight the "need for a complete change in approach by Highways England".

James and Katherine added: "Extinction Rebellion are calling for a Citizens’ Assembly to help create sustainable alternative proposals.

"One example would be to invest the £100 million in increased rail capacity to take heavy container goods vehicles off the roads."