A VAN driver has been disciplined by his bosses for illegal parking on a disabled bay in Alresford.

The worker for Southampton-based Quick Bite left his vehicle outside the Co-op on West Street, where it was spotted by a local resident.

Asking not to be named, she said: “This delivery driver saw me taking the photo, and his reaction was he knew he’d parked illegally. His explanation was he needed to make a delivery, and Alresford was tight for parking, besides he was only there for a short time.

“As this was a bit of a casual attitude, I contacted the company Quick Bite to suggest they discouraged drivers to park in disabled bays. He was quite defensive, and he too said they have to make deliveries, and park where they can.”

Harmeet Singh, Quick Bite director, said: “The driver said he could not park in the usual delivery bay as a Co-op delivery lorry was there. We do chilled deliveries so we can’t really park too far away.

“The driver was only there for a couple of minutes. But it doesn’t give him an excuse to park in a disabled bay

“We have taken action and cautioned the driver.”