A MAN was today staging a rooftop protest at the Trinity Centre in Winchester.

Simon Murray has pitched a tent on the roof of the drop-in centre on Durngate.

Mr Murray, 54, climbed up last night and slept overnight on the roof of the building which is today closed to other users.

He said he has issues with the way the centre is being run, saying "it is a just a business, and big business."

"I don't know how long I will be here. I have the supplies. I'm sure people will bring me things, so it could be a while," he said.

Trinity Winchester has operated in the city for more than 30 years offering help and support to people who are homeless or marginally excluded.

The centre operations manager Hannah Scott today said Mr Murray had been supported including having a cold weather bed at the centre for 32 nights and been helped to seek a job and permanent accommodation which he had turned down.

Ms Scott said: "He is not local to Winchester and we felt we had done enough to support him and to better his life. It's disappointing that he hasn't accepted help and decided to move on with his life. We withdrew our services because we felt we had done everything to help him."

She said Trinity helps 600 people a year and in her 13 years at the centre this was the first time someone had taken such action.

Ms Scott said the police had been called and the fire service also alerted.

Trinity has plans to build an extension for 11 flats. It is also set to manage Alleyne House on Hyde Street which is due to reopen as warden-assisted flats for ex-offenders and people on the city council housing list.