AN APPLICATION to build a car park on a Colden Common greenspace has divided residents of “a very friendly road”.

Winchester City Council submitted plans for a parking area in Moors Close towards the end of April, and have since received 13 letters in support, and 25 in objection.

Mother-of-four Nicola Baker has lived in the road for the last two-and-a-half years, and says the plans have caused a “serious upset” between neighbours.

She told the Chronicle how up to 20 children use the area at a time to play football, gymnastics and other activities almost every day.

The part-time nurse said: “Nothing compares to letting your children play outside. The next nearest space is across two roads, and it’s known as an antisocial area – and I’m certainly not having 12 children running around my garden.

“The people who are pushing it through are older, don’t have children living with them anymore, and keep telling us that our children will all have cars one day, and will need somewhere to park.

“The truth is, my children are all very young and won’t be driving for more than ten years, and even then, I won’t be able to afford to buy them cars. They’ll need a stronger argument than that.”

She added: “We don’t need any more parking. There is enough room for one car per house to park down here, and one gentleman has his own drive, so that’s alright.

“It’s about visitors, really. When I have visitors, they park down the road where there are plenty more spaces, but some people just won’t do that.”

She also believes the council should be spending money on “more important” improvements in the area, such as cutting back overgrown roadside hedges.

Nicola claims the debate has recently become “more aggressive”.

Amongst the supporters is Colden Common Parish Council.

Moors Close resident Christopher Budden has also submitted a letter of support.

It reads: “I agree we do need something done about extra parking in the close. It’s starting to prove difficult for larger vehicles such as refuges collectors, delivery vans to turn, safely at bottom of close.”