SAFETY reviews are being conducted after a fire eater suffered serious burns on stage at a charity show.

The talent show had to be abandoned after Kristy Cullum was injured performing on stage.

An audience of 210 people witnessed the shocking incident at the NHS' Got Talent Show at the Theatre Royal in Winchester on Saturday evening.

The performers were all members of NHS staff raising funds for the Winchester Hospice Appeal.

Ms Cullum was taken by ambulance to the specialist burns unit at Salisbury where she remains.

Hampshire Chronicle:

She was able to receive immediate attention as there were many doctors and nurses in the audience.

The theatre said it is undertaking a full review of the events and the organisers of the event, the Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, are also believed to be doing so.

Audience member Liz Baldwin posted on Facebook: "It was very distressing and we haven't stopped thinking about the performer and wishing her a speedy recovery."

Another, Frances Douglas posted: "This horrendous moment will be difficult to forget ....We are all still in shock but hope she recovers from her trauma."

Alex Whitfield, chief executive of the trust, which runs several hospitals including the Royal Hampshire County in Winchester issued a statement. She said: "Sadly there was an accident during the NHS’ Got Talent show at the Theatre Royal Winchester on Saturday June 8. One of the performers, a member of staff from our Trust, suffered serious burns.

"A number of our clinicians were present at the time and able to help immediately but the performer is currently being treated by experts at Salisbury District Hospital’s specialist burns service.

“This was upsetting for everybody involved and we all wish our colleague a quick recovery. The decision was quickly made to stop the show, which was a fundraising event for the Winchester Hospice appeal.”

Hampshire Chronicle:

In a statement the theatre said: "The Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust hired the Theatre Royal Winchester on Saturday night to present their NHS’ Got Talent show once again this year. This time it was a fundraising event for the Winchester Hospice Appeal.

"Unfortunately at the end of the first half one of their staff performing had an accident and suffered serious burns.

"She was treated promptly and the emergency services then took over and she left the building on foot to go to the ambulance. The correct decision was then taken not to continue with the show."

Hampshire Chronicle:

Deryck Newland, chief executive of Live Theatre Winchester Trust, the charity which runs the theatre, said: “This was an upsetting incident for everyone involved and we wish the individual involved a full and speedy recovery. Our team acted swiftly and deserve great credit for doing everything they could to manage the situation professionally and calmly.

"I have spoken to the chief executive of Hampshire Hospitals Trust, whose event it was, and we understand that the performer is being treated at Salisbury District Hospital’s specialist Burns Service so is in the best possible place.”