PLANS for a house on a lake are dividing opinion.

A floating house is proposed for a small lake at Fobdown Farm, Abbotstone Road, Old Alresford.

David Griffiths, of Shepherds Down, Alresford, wrote: “I strongly support this application. We see so many developments these days of uniformly bland estates of houses that it is refreshing to see something unique and different being proposed. I hope the application is approved.”

But Old Alresford Parish Council and local conservationist John Cloyne have objected.

Mr Cloyne, of Fordington Road, Fulflood, a former city councillor, said the area was of greater wildlife importance than the application stated. He said it was important for herons. “The site is surrounded by open countryside and the proposed building is wholly inappropriate in this unspoiled and peaceful corner of the diminishing Hampshire countryside.”

Hampshire Wildlife Trust support the scheme because the plan includes a project to boost the threatened white-clawed crayfish.

Mr Cloyne raised concerns about the trust’s stance when its commercial arm had conducted a wildlife survey for the applicants. “Some might argue that for them, as a charity, to express a view on a scheme in which their commercial arm has been involved in carrying out a habitat survey and recommending scheme enhancements, might raise questions of propriety.”

Old Alresford Parish Council objects to development in the countryside and says “the scheme does nothing to raise architectural quality in the rural environment”.