THE Westgate School is celebrating a major grant from the Wolfson Foundation.

The grant has been awarded to the school’s fundraiser for its new science laboratory and equipment to further extend and enhance science provision in the all-through school.

The Wolfson Foundation is a charity awarding grants to support and promote excellence in several fields including science and medicine. Since it was established in 1955, it has awarded grants of over £900 million. The school has fundraised to transform a classroom into a fully functioning science lab and the grant of £46,000 represents about half of the cost for the basic works.

Every day, a further 150 pupils across Years 5 to 11 will be able to perform practical science work. This project aims to facilitate lifelong enjoyment of science learning, making sure the current and next generation has a better environment to enjoy science.

James Green, faculty leader for science and technology at the school, said: “This greatly increases our capacity to resource high quality science lessons right from the primary and through to the secondary phase of education.”