HAMPSHIRE musician Frank Turner vowed the show will go on after being dropped while crowdsurfing.

Frank, who is originally from Meonstoke and is currently touring in America, was hurt during the gig in Birmingham, Alabama.

A video published on Twitter shows the punk and folk singer-songwriter leaping into the crowd during the gig on Friday evening, before the fans dropped him.

Following the incident, Frank tweeted: "Birmingham! Such a wonderful show. Alas I got hurt pretty bad at the end there, so no encores, got to see the medics. Thanks all.

"For those asking, I got dropped about 6 feet onto solid concrete on my back. No fun."

However, he vowed: "Tomorrow’s show in Memphis will happen, one way or another. See you all there."

Fans quickly messaged Frank to wish him well. 'The Real Jen K' said: "Ouch man! I hope you heal quickly! I know it's a couple of weeks out, but I'll bring you some muscle cream in Cleveland."

Benny Bright added: "The fact you finished the song is a true credit to your incredible professionalism and passion dude. Hope you're okay!"