STUDENTS at Peter Symonds College were given an out-of-this-world lecture when visited by astrophysicist Dr Sadie Jones.

Dr Jones, outreach leader in astronomy at the Southampton University visited Peter Symonds to talk about her experiences in the field of astrophysics and in particular her research into black holes.

Dr Jones completed an MPhys in astrophysics at Cardiff University before graduating with a PhD in radio astronomy from the University of Southampton in July 2012.

She visited Symonds to deliver a talk to a packed lecture theatre on her research into an active supermassive black hole at the centre of the galaxy NGC 4051, followed by a question and answer session.

Following the talk, one student said: “It was highly inspiring and fascinating – it’s just a small snippet but it’s pushed me further in the direction I’d like to take and helped to maintain my interest.”

Dr Jones added: “Black holes and astronomy are interesting areas and a good place to start to get people interested.

“Currently only 20% of Physics undergraduates are female so talks like this are a great way to promote the subject.”