WINCHESTER Cathedral will break with convention in Holy Week to toll its bells to show solidarity with Paris after the devastating fire at Notre Dame.

In a statement the Dean and Chapter said yesterday: "The Chapter of Winchester has announced that they will be responding to the request of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York by joining with churches and cathedrals across the land in ringing bells in solidarity with the people of Paris and France in response to the devastating fire at Notre-Dame de Paris.

"They will ring between 6.30 and 6.55pm as people arrive for the Maundy Thursday liturgy at 7pm. They have also released the following prayer, which those who feel touched by what has happened may wish to reflect upon.

“Almighty God our hearts lament the great loss through fire to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. As the people of Paris mourn the destruction of so much that is sacred, support them, we pray, in the faith and hope embodied in our churches and cathedrals that in Christ life and love are eternal and from ashes new life will arise. For you are eternally faithful and love us with an everlasting love. Amen”.