A NEW exhibition featuring more than 300 pieces by young children is now at the Winchester School of Art.

Pupils from St Bede C of E Primary School in Hyde from five years old helped put together the display entitled ‘Journeys’, which will be open until Easter Monday bank holiday, April 22.

The work has been created by pupils and put on display at the art school just across Park Avenue.

It is the result of a whole school project in which the children worked with local artist, Rhian John.

Key Stage 1 teacher Ann Selman said: “As a school, we strive to help each other develop and grow socially, academically and creatively. As you can see, this exhibition is a true celebration of this.

“We hope you enjoy the exhibit and take a moment to reflect, as we have, on how some of the learning attributes represented in these animals may take you on your next journey.

She added: “If you look closely at the landscapes displayed, you may find a path or a river that will lead you on a new journey to an exciting, undiscovered place!”

The pupils were visited by Rhian on March 29 and took part in a discussion about her art, career and what inspires her to paint.

They then created their own pieces, which include Tommy the Teamwork Turtle, Rikki the Reflective Rabbit, Leo the Links Lion, Percy the Persevering Panda and Manny the Management Monkey.

For more information on visiting the exhibition, call Winchester School of Art on 02380 596900.