KEITH Taylor, Green MEP, is supporting campaigners calling for urgent action on social housing in Winchester.

Local residents and activists are calling on Winchester City Council to redevelop the land on Gordon Road, currently used as St. Peter’s car park, to increase the supply of social housing.

The car park was meant to be temporary while the Brooks Centre was being built in the late 1980s. The Greens says replacing it with homes would help meet local housing needs, reduce traffic and improve air quality. It would also provide an alternative to building social housing in precious green and open spaces.

To bring the campaign call to life, a well-known local architect supported campaigners by producing a capacity study which demonstrates how the site could accommodate 14 two-bedroom homes and 11 one-bedroom units on the space currently allocated for parking.

Andrew Wainwright, local campaigner said: “Winchester continues to move up the ranks of unaffordable cities, so it is important that the council explores sustainable solutions on housing, which ensure we support residents of all incomes.

“To build social housing on St Peter’s car park will not only prevent housing being built on green spaces but will help prevent traffic being attracted to this area which is adjacent to St.Bede Primary school where worrying air pollution levels have been recorded.”