A WOMAN has sparked anger on social media after she was allegedly spotted picking daffodils from a roadside bank.

The anti-social behaviour on Alresford Road was caught on camera by Facebook user Laura Ann Lowe, who uploaded the pictures to ‘Winchester Rants’, a group page for residents to talk about local issues.

She posted: “People wonder why we have no flowers on Alresford Road, well this is why. Woman thinks she owns the flowers when they’re council. Hope you get caught.”

Her upload met with mixed responses, with some commenters asking why others are “moaning about someone picking flowers,” and one replying: “I admit to picking a few myself back in the day.”

Winchester city councillor Rose Burns, a criminal lawyer, said: “The show of sunny, yellow daffodils at this spot is eagerly awaited every spring. What a shame she decided to appropriate the blooms for herself, rather than leave them for everyone else to enjoy.

“However, had she been caught in the act by a policeman, she might have found herself on the wrong side of the law. For flowers growing in council parks are legally off-limits.”