MEMBERS of a Hampshire charity were invited to Japan on an all-expenses-paid trip after helping a research project nearly five years ago.

Winchester Young Carers manager, Ben Hogbin, and schools and support co-ordinator, Alison Cross, were guests of honour on their visit to Minamiuonuma city, organised by Siekei University.

Academic professor, Tomoko Shibuya, visited the charity in 2014 and suggested the pair should fly out to Japan.

Ben said: "Japan doesn’t formally recognise the part that young carers play to support siblings and parents.

"Our visit not only shed light on the challenges that face the children we support here in Winchester, but also highlighted the need to support young carers in Japan."

The two representatives delivered presentations about their work at Siekei University and to Minamiuonum City and Amagaski City local authorities.

Two of the talks were filmed by American TV network, TBS, will be aired later this year.