MORE that 100 people took part in the seventh annual obstacle course in Winchester this weekend.

Participants from around Hampshire took part the military-inspired 10k run, tacking twelve different obstacles along the way.

The General took place on Sunday at the Matterley Estate near Winchester.

Runners had to tackle twelve different obstacles along the 10k stretch including water, a barbed wire crawl, hay bails and tyre stacks.

The General was hosted by Tough Enough Races and has taken part at the Matterley Estate since 2012, marking this year's run as the seventh annual race.

This course saw applicants take on military themed challenges such as the Charge Of The Light Brigade 'unders and overs' challenge and the “Top Secret” challenges that kept participants in suspense as to what it might involve.

All finishers received a medal and t shirt at the finish line as well as a well-deserved drink.

The event was open to runners of all abilities including obstacle novices and running-pros.

Groups of people started the course every 10 minutes and each individual was timed.

After the event, participating parents were able to take their children around a 2-3k loop for free.

Children had to be over the age of 4-years-old and all received a medal at the finish line.