A CHANDLER’S Ford mother of four has published a book to give back to the charity that helped her through mental illness.

When Caroline Meech first met Ruth Palmer, her life changed.

At the time, she was suffering from post-natal depression.

The two women struck up conversation on the school run before Ruth made her apologies saying she had to go as she was marking the birthday of her son Jethro who had died the year before.

Caroline said: “It was one of those moments that I just couldn’t quite take in what she was saying.

“There she was this woman who I couldn’t begin to imagine what she was going through, and there was me unable to find a way out of how I was feeling but who had what this women was grieving for.”

Ruth and Tony Palmer’s third child Jethro Courage died in his sleep aged one-and-a-half in March 2015.

It was in his name that the family set up the Courage Foundation UK, a charity that supports families with bereaved children.

Ruth said establishing the charity was based on their own experience of helping their children find the fun again after the loss of their sibling.

She said: “It was a very difficult time. There we had our new baby girl and at the same time we were grieving the loss of our little boy.

“A little while after, a friend gave us money which we used paid for a day out at Paultons Park, it was one of the first times that we found we were all smiling and having fun.

“I remember turning to Tony and saying that we have to do this for other people”

Last year the Courage Foundation paid for more than 500 tickets, annual passes and weekend breaks for families with bereaved children to enjoy.

Along with volunteering with administrative work, Caroline has published her first children’s story book with proceeds going towards The Courage Foundation UK.

The book, You Can’t Be Friends With A Troll Dotti, was published World Book Day that is celebrated today, March 7.

Caroline added: “I just really wanted to give back to this amazing charity set up by this incredible family.

“We really want to help more families with children who are going through tragic experiences so anything we can raise will go towards that. The story of this girl is also one of courage as she sets out to find out the truth for herself and in doing so finds a really good friend, despite their differences.”

To order a copy of the book priced at £7.99, visit www.carolinemeechauthor.com.