WITH the world at an environmental crisis point, the University of Winchester presents Climate 4 Change on Monday March 11.

It will be an evening dedicated to showing the human stories at the centre of the global issue of Climate Change.

The plays are written by Creative Writing students, and will be performed by students from the Performing Arts department. Tickets can be purchased from the Theatre Royal’s website for £5 each.

Creative Writing Programme Leader Glenn Fosbraey, who produces the show along with Head of Performing Arts Stephen Hall said: “Climate Change is an issue that no-one should be ignoring, and at the University of Winchester it’s always central to our way of working and thinking.

“It’s our duty to create a dialogue with our students to ensure they are conscious of Climate Change, and that turning our backs on it and pretending it’s not happening isn’t an option. The Arts have always been key in starting up conversations about the big subjects, and these four original plays present one small step on the way to alerting people of the crucial environmental issues facing us all.”

The Theatre Royal and the university have collaborated in the past to provide alternate productions of Shakespeare plays and evenings of original theatre.

The stage at the Theatre Royal on Jewry Street provides current students and graduates a magnificent opportunity to showcase written works, plays and sketches to the public.

The evening follows another climate change-themed event in the city, when pupils went on strike over inaction.