A TREE preservation order has been confirmed for land on the edge of Winchester.

Councillors on the planning committee approved the TPO for trees at Pitt Manor Cottage, Kilham Lane.

There was one letter of objection saying some of the self-sown sycamores were less than 50cm from a brick wall, with future damage likely. The letter added that the trees serve “no-one and serve only to distribute public resources to administering TPOs.” There were two letters of support for the TPO.

But a report to the committee from Stefan Kowalczyk said many of the trees in the locality had been removed last February. The tree removal had a significant impact on the public visual amenity of the area. The remaining trees were obviously under threat, and as they also had a high public visual amenity, as viewed from Kilham Lane, it was considered necessary to serve a TPO on the remaining trees.”