A WINCHESTER city councillor is battling to stop drivers from speeding outside his Stanmore home.

This comes after an Audi A4 collided with a wall at the bottom of Battery Hill outside St Luke's Church on February 19.

Cllr Derek Green, who has lived in the road for 21 years, told the Chronicle that he often shouts out the window when he sees a speeding driver.

He said: "We've got a bad speeding problem here, and I'm not sure what would work to fix it.

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"I don't think speed humps are a good idea because they don't do cars any good. They have them on Stanmore Lane, but cars just go between them which probably makes the whole thing more dangerous.

"It's been a problem for so long, even when the road had a 30pmh limit, so I'm going to get in contact with the county council and go from there."

Cllr Green also mentioned that parents of Kings' School pupils use the road as a 'rat run' to get to and from their children, and that it has become 'absolutely crazy' in the past few years.

When speaking to the Chronicle, Revd. Mike Gardner of St Luke's suggested that "a sign indicating the 90 degree turn should be placed."

But Cllr Green feels there needs to be further action.

He added: "The sign is a good idea, but it would have to be placed in plain sight further up the hill. I suppose we have to try everything.

"We do have a community speed watch team, but it hasn't really taken off because people need the time to do it."