STUDENTS from a Winchester school were shown behind the scenes at one of the UK’s leading car manufacturing sites.

A group of Year 11s from Henry Beaufort took a trip to the BMW Mini plant in Oxford and were given a guided tour through the main factories.

They were invited to see how 1,200 robots build the cars, which have over time replaced most of the 28,000 people who originally worked there.

One student said: “It was interesting to learn that the robots didn’t have the precision of human dexterity to hang the doors – something that surprised us all!

“Every 67 seconds a brand new Mini crossed the plant’s finishing line, and the last thing to be tested on the car is the horn.”

The group were then greeted by Mini’s school coordinator, Mark Massingham, who spoke to them about apprenticeships offered by BMW.

The application process has recently been amended to allow people to apply at the school leaving age of 16.

A Beaufort visitor said: “We thought the apprenticeships sounded fantastic and we are all keen to find out more.”