STAFF at Kingsmead Day Nursery celebrated the anniversary of its Baby Unit, which opened 25 years ago.

The workers opened the doors of the nursery in Gordon Road to its children for a party with balloons, games and a specially-made cake.

Helen Gaskell opened the pre-school in 1989 and five years later employed Sarah Asher, who has worked there ever since, to open and run the Baby Unit.

Lynn Nutt, manager at Kingsmead, said: "The celebrations actually had a double meaning behind them.

"It's been 25 years since the unit opened, and also since Sarah joined.

"It was a lovely day. We played pass-the-parcel, had nice food and everything went smoothly."

Mrs Gaskell's daughter, Emily Walker, will be taking over her mother's role at the nursery in the coming months.

She said: "We had a brilliant time. The party lasted all day and all of the kids had their party outfits on.

"There was plenty of dancing and singing. My mum gave a speech whilst we were all in the room.

"We are all very grateful for her hard work, I'm sure everyone will agree."

Kingsmead will turn 30 years old in September this year and the staff are hoping to attract ex-students to the celebration party.