WINCHESTER City Council has refused planning permission for a new dwelling in a back garden.

Mr and Mrs Thomas applied for permission for the three-bedroom scheme at Bramble Cottage, Dean Lane, Teg Down.

They proposed the new house for the site of a double garage.

But the planning committee went against their officers’ advice to reject the scheme, saying it does “not respond positively to the character and appearance of the local environment by virtue of its siting”.

The councillors also deemed there would be unacceptable impact on 2 Dean Lane through overshadowing.

This is the third attempt to build on the plot with plans refused in 1980, and after an appeal in 1982.

The plan was unpopular with 27 letters from 22 neighbouring properties.

A report to the committee said one complaint was that “all the extra buildings are causing a country lane to be urbanised with too much filling in and cutting down trees”.

There was one letter of support for the scheme, designed by local practice Huw Thomas Architects.

Objector Christine Ashford, of Downside Road, wrote: “An application has been made in the past to shoe-horn a house on this garden. It was rejected then and should be again. It is too over bearing for the plot and of a style more suited to an urban setting and not the character of this lane.”

Janet Hinxman, of Dean Close, wrote: “The plan shows the garage to be facing the pavement with no driveway so cars will park on the pavement. This will impede traffic coming out of Teg Down and down Dean Lane which is very busy. Traffic coming down Dean Lane has to be very careful as traffic coming out of Teg Down are not always patient so to have yet another hazard will increase the possibility of an accident.”