WINCHESTER University students had the chance to quiz an official envoy about peace process in Afghanistan, following a recent guest visit.

Those studying politics, global studies and journalism courses were able to talk to the Ambassador of Afghanistan to the UK about the topic at a ‘round-table’ discussion.

Said Tayeb Jawad, who has visited the university twice this year, gave a short presentation before responding to students’ questions on a wide range of issues relating to war and politics.

He said: “I really enjoyed my engagement with the students I met.

“We live in a global village: issues and matters that take place in other parts of the world create an opportunity for the students here to be part of the problem-solving teams to handle some of these challenges.

“This university provides a very good foundation for the students to be engaged globally in some of the bigger issues, but also more importantly to help them understand our challenges and progress, and the difference between practicing and life and learning in a classroom.”

Said visited the university in June this year when Dr Abdullah Abdullah, chief executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, gave a speech during a three-day visit to the UK.

Professor Carter said: “This was a fantastic opportunity for Winchester students to gain greater insight and understanding about the complex political situation in Afghanistan from His Excellency Jawad.”